Welcome to Sun Lab

We are group at School of Life Sciences, Tsinghua University.Our Lab is leaded by Prof.Zhirong Sun,who is the executive director of MOE key lab of bioinformatics. Currently, we primarily focus on exploring biological problems with high-thorought experimental data and develop novel computational tools.


1.Systems biology in complex diseases
Most human diseases are complex traits.The genesis and development of complex diseases recruits a number of genes and several important biological processes. As proteins involved in common processes tend to be centralized in the same local area of protein–protein interaction networks, our group aimed to develope novel algorithms to identify which areas of the networks are most relevant to a phenotype.We are especially interested in tumor-associated phenotype.
2.Protein subcellular location and modificatioin prediction
Subcellular localization is a key functional characteristic of proteins. A fully automatic and reliable prediction system for protein subcellular localization is needed, especially for the analysis of large-scale genome sequences.Our group developes atuomatic pipeline to predict portein subcellular locations based on sequences. Since protein modificatioins have a large effect on protein subcellular loaction(such as methylation),we also aim to develop computational systems to predict protein modificatioins.
3.Non-coding RNA
As the high-throught technology developes(such as RNA-Seq), more and more novel non-coding RNAs are identified. Experimental results have shown that these non-coding RNAs also have important biological functions.However, currently we still know very little about them. Our group aims to develop effective algorithms to do ncRNA function prediction(especially for microRNA and lincRNA).